Fees & Policies

Practice Privacy Policy

This Practice is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of your personal information. View our privacy policy.


Consultations are by appointment and you are encouraged to request an appointment with your preferred doctor. Most appointments take 10-15 minutes. If you anticipate spending longer with the doctor then please advise the receptionist when making the appointment. All emergencies will be seen promptly. (This may create unavoidable delays for patients waiting.) Appointments can also be made via our website.

Recall System

Reminders are issued for patients to make an appointment for routine follow-up for specified conditions: Immunisation, pap smear, cancer follow-up, blood test for certain conditions, annual medical check for over 75’s and as advised by a doctor for other defined situations. If you do not wish to be part of the recall system please advise your doctor


Wherever possible we require a minimum of 3 hours notice for cancellations. Non attendance without notice will be recorded and after 3 missed appointments patients may be charged a Non Attendance Fee. Non Attendance is costly for the Practice and unfair to other patients unable to obtain a consultation.

After Hours

Our after hours cover is provided by: “Night Doctor” and they can be contacted on 1300 644 483. The locum service will forward copies of attendance notes, investigational results and admission notifications pertaining to a patient’s attendance to this practice within 24 hours. The locum service is 100% bulk billing.

Home Visits

Our doctors do not usually provide this service due to our extensive after hours service. If you are too ill to attend the Practice please phone and our staff will arrange for a Locum to attend your home (Please see After Hours)

Interpreting Services

We are able to provide a telephone interpreting service at the time of your appointment if required.

Communication with doctors

Telephone Calls: Doctors are often unable to take telephone calls during consultations. Calls should be minimised as they interrupt consultations and inconvenience patients in the surgery. In many cases the reception or nursing staff may be of assistance. Alternatively, a message can be relayed to the doctor.

Emails: The practice email is for administration purposes ONLY and NOT for communication with doctors. Doctors do not have email access. For confidentiality reasons, patients are requested to refrain from attempting to contact doctors electronically.


Once the Doctor has checked the patients results, they will be contacted by the nurses if they are required to make a follow up appointment. Reception staff are NOT medically trained and cannot give details of test results. However, if you have further queries please call and leave a message with reception and our Practice Nurse will contact you.

Repeat prescriptions

To have a repeat prescription, please book an appointment with your doctor or speak to our reception team.


To ensure quality and continuity of care, patients who wish to be referred to a specialist should discuss the matter with their doctor during a consultation.

Patient Feedback and Suggestions

We continually strive to improve the standard of professional service to our patients. If you are not happy with any aspect of the service you receive from this practice, please let us know. The Practice Manager is happy to be contacted and to discuss any problems or suggestions you may have or if you wish to remain anonymous the a suggestion box is kept in the waiting room.

If you feel you need to discuss the matter outside the practice, the government funded body for dealing with health complaints in Western Australia is – Health & Disability Services Complaints Office, 7th Floor, Albert Facey House, 469 Wellington Street, Perth WA 6000.